Inventory Management Control System
with Barcode Scanner app

Fully customizable solutions to fit your business and inventory needs. Inventory Control System is a full featured inventory management system complete with an online HUB to manage Employees, Inventory and more. All inclusive client and server eliminate dependency on 3rd party services and gives you full control over your Inventory Management! The Inventory Control HUB modular code design can easily be integrated into your existing website and branding.

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  • Send Invoices to customers with live inventory updating.
  • Back orders allow you to keep track of inventory you need to reorder.
  • Customer Relationship Management allows you to better keep track of your inventory and customer contact information.
  • Dashboard statistics and analytics gives an insight into your Inventory, such as number of products on hand, quantity for each product category, Total Inventory dollar amount and more.
  • Users with Manager type accounts can access the web portal HUB to add/edit inventory, Locations, Employees and their remote access to the system, global client/server settings such as maintenance mode and app version updates, and more.
  • Employees can be granted and restricted access to the system from a client device on demand. Employee sessions can be tracked by device and current scanning locations. If a user is suspended, they are unable to login from the client device.
  • Automatic Device Authorization option allows Managers to let the system effectively manage new devices connecting to the system.
  • The first time a device attempts to log in, access is denied. A manager must enable the device in order to access the system and upload inventory scans.
  • Built-in Push Notification Server allows Managers to send unlimited Push Notifications to all devices.
  • Maintenance Mode restricts client access to the system. An optional message can be set that will display on client devices.
  • Test barcode page allows devices to calibrate scanning various barcodes.
  • System logging keeps activity of client and HUB actions.
  • Scan barcodes and store them locally in the Scan Bank, users can upload batches at any time.
  • User can view their scanned barcodes stored on the server.
  • Upload all scans from the Scan Bank to the HUB, duplicate barcodes are ignored on both client and server.
  • Continuous scanning mode allows for quickly scanning batches of barcodes; when disabled, the client app will show the barcode data.
  • Edit After Scan Mode allows users to enter product information after each scan.

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Managers can control access to the Inventory Control System by allowing only approved devices and users to connect to your inventory!!


The most important feature, allows you to scan various barcode types and attach them to a product in your inventory.


You can quickly deploy the Inventory Control System server on any website! Enter your ICS Server Url into the app and you are connected in seconds!


Always know who is on your Inventory Control System, what device they are using and what location they are scanning in!

To schedule an Inventory Control HUB demo, or If you are ready to host your own Inventory Management Control System or have any questions, please contact us directly.